Water Net Water Vending Machine

One of our main products is our water vending machine. We offer a variety of water vending machine models

for you to choose from.

our success; as the main factor contributed to this success is our service. Reverse Osmosis system requires

effective and continuous care and maintenance to maintain the high quality drinking water. We set our


of drinking water from our machines to 25 ppm (whilst the standard of Thailand’s Department of Food and Drug

Administration is set at 500ppm).

At Water Net, we honor qualities as our top priorities; all equipment used in our machines have been

thoroughly tested and carefully selected. In addition, every single machine needs to pass our quality-control

test to ensure all machines are of high standard before they can leave the factory.

Our research has shown that the majority of water vending machines in the market was left solely to the

machine owners (customers who buy the machines) responsibility in service and maintenance. The fact that

most owners lack of the knowledge to provide proper maintenance for the machine, resulting in lower quality

drinking water provided by their machines. However, this situation will NEVER happen with Water Net’s

vending machines as we take care of our machines with our best priorities.