Why us ?

What about the buyers?

Do you think you buyers are happy every time they buy your bottles water and have to throw away the empty bottles? (when we all know it can destroy our world) ..or they are questioning whether they’re buying WATER or BOTTLES that they have to throw away?

Bottled Water cost more than $1.50 per bottle.

What if today.. Someone tell you water business isabout to CHANGE…

How would you like to take part in this huge business opportunity with over 7 billions consumers ?

To do water business in previous time,

you need big factory, bottle make machines, bottling system, high marketing cost, high inventory, and high logistic cost to deliver these filled bottles to retailers. And you wait and wait for buyers to come buy them


is the answer

Your New way to buy drinking water

Water Vending Machine business can..

Let you sell drinking water in reasonable price. Help buyers save and pay less Allow buyers to : buy water in any volume at a time with no bottle limitation buy water any time; (24hr a day) Help save the word – no more throwing away empty bottles!

Why Water Vending Machine?

  1. There are increasing needs of pure drinking water to replace carbonated drink consumption. World wide medical & nutritional researches convince very high benefit of pure drinking water for good health.
  2. There are much differences of the retails price between Drinking water in bottles and Drinking water from water vending machine. In some area; 10-30 times difference, even though real costs of pure drinking water production lesser than 0.5 cents/liter. So big business opportunity still wait for your decision.
  3. Filling the water from Vending machine into your owned-re-use bottles is the only way to keep our environments free from millions of bottles which be disposed everyday on our earth.

Why choose our vending units?

Our real experiences in Asia

Installed over 500 units in Petrol station, Hypermarket, Minimarket, Condominium, Downtown etc.  give us valuable assets to assist our customer, even beginning in complete line. We do much more than selling the units like other manufacturer. We approve this high profits business by investment, installment, maintenance & service, marketing & advertising. Most of all we collect the coin every weeks with appreciation of this miracle business.

Our vending units are customs made, conform to special needs.

  • Out door or indoor installation
  • Windows mounted or wall mounted
  • Coin or Smartcard or Manual operated
  • Various kinds of water production upon request.
  • Microfiltration & Ultra filtration sterilization
  • Ultra filtration
  • Nanofiltration
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • De-ionization
  • Magnetic harmonization
  • Post-injection with some extracts

Your task

  • Select location and location
  • Simple investment for your own heritage

Our task

  • Supply tailor – made vending units at most suitable for your budget & market
  • Salary – free engineer staff to assist your maintenance & services and all technical consulting support.
  • Long – term partner to supply the most cost – effective components and spare parts for your growing business.

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